About Us


The logo is expressed in three dimensions to deliver a vibrant brand image to consumers from around the world. The brand image is expressed in four colors in the sense of providing various contents.


'ITEN' stands for International Total Entertainment Network. ITEN produces various contents such as entertainment related videos, sound sources, and games. ITEN is meant to be a platform that connects and integrates content for everyone around the world to enjoy.


The logo mark has the visual value that represents ITEN. The triangle of Logo Shape means 'PLAY' and the center of ITEN logo composed of 4 colors means content.


The core values of ITEN platform are entertainment, content, technology, and Korean Wave, and are expressed in blue, pink, orange, and purple respectively.

A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.


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  • Easily transfer files to and from the remote computer
  • Chat with nudge feature