Korean Wave Content Production

ITEN produces K-pop performances and Korean wave contents that hit global music markets such as North America and Europe beyond Asia. ITEN token holders participate directly in performance planning and production through crowdfunding using the ITEN platform. Tickets for performances and concerts, merchandises (MD), and artist sound source content can be purchased with ITEN token.

Ticketing platform for performances

It is possible to purchase more convenient tickets by providing various payment systems including ITEN token and by offering time sale, ticket discount sale according to the real-time booking situation. We recommend art performances, musicals, operas that suit your taste through previews and online reviews using AI big data. Through the community, you can recommend performances based on a review and participate in planning and producing new performances.

Performance & Concert production project

ITEN token holders receive information related to large-scale performance planning and production through the ITEN platform and participate in performance-production projects by Token Holding crowdfunding to receive a portion of the ticket revenue sold to consumers.