Mobile Game Market Growth

As the performance of smartphones improves and spreads, the demand for mobile games is rapidly increasing, and the mobile game market is rapidly growing. As mobile games are becoming more and more highly-specified and large-capacity, and network connections are smoothly connected to gameplay due to the development of local area networks, the existing game developers are actively participating in the smartphone game market.

Game economy system application

ITEN will develop a blockchain-based software game platform to launch online games optimized for smartphones. We apply the mobile game economy system to provide rewards based on game performance to all users of the ITEN game platform.

Game community activation

ITEN is equipped with multi-play function in games optimized for mobile game environments and applies high-quality graphics to realize more than video games. Users of the ITEN game platform can participate in new game development through the community and receive ITEN tokens as a reward for activating the game community.