Participation in film
production projects

In the existing film industry, large producers and investors monopolized the profits of movies, and small investors had little opportunity to participate in film production. Now through the ITEN Funding Platform, token holders can participate in large movie production projects and distribute revenue.

Partnership with streaming platform

ITEN conduct joint projects with major filmmakers to plan, produce, invest, and distribute fun and high-quality films. In addition to opening a traditional theater, we will partner with streaming platforms such as Netflix, Apple, and Amazon to diversify our content revenue structure.

Global movie market expansion

We are expanding our global movie market to North America, China, and Europe to export Korean wave movies with global capabilities and to disperse the risk of investment in the movie industry, where demand forecasts are uncertain. Partnering with local producers minimizes heterogeneity with local culture and reduces investment costs through collaboration in all areas from production to distribution.