Mobile VR content production

We provide the best experience through the creation of various mobile-oriented VR contents. Experts from various fields such as VFX, games, engineering, and photographers participate in content creation. We will emotionally interact with the characters in the virtual reality world realized with VR contents and go beyond the limits of communication.

Marketing using VR solution

Recently, as the spread of contents through SNS is used as an important marketing method, the indirect experience and reality of customers through 360-degree VR contents are emphasized. ITEN will develop a VR solution to easily create content at low cost.

Popularization of VR content

Through ITEN VR solution, we will overcome the difficulties of constructing VR contents due to the high cost of shooting and production, and lead the popularization of VR contents. We will open a new way in the VR industry by applying unique VR technology to all content created and distributed by ITEN.